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We specialize in handcrafted alfajores and others sweet delights filled with dulce de leche, a creamy caramel confection made from milk and sugar and with the mission to introduce our traditional Argentinian Alfajores to you

Alfajores are sweet treats that have been present since colonial times all over Latin America. Each country has a different way of preparing them, but the concept is the same: two cookies filled with some kind of caramel.

The Argentine twist on the ancient Arab dessert, Alajú, this portable treat became popular in the mid-19th century in Argentina. Alfajores are considered somewhat of a national treasure in Argentina.

  • Today Argentina is the world’s number one consumer of Alfajores.
  • The Alfajor is an unbeatable leader in the world of sweets and increasingly outsells.
  • In Argentina 900 million units are consumed per year and the business moves $ 7,000 million; kiosks account for half of sales.
  • People eat them walking down the street and waiting for the bus. You might get a mini-Alfajor, the size of a golf ball, served with your coffee.
  • Pastry shops display their alfajores in front windows. Convenience stores offer many varieties and brands of the sweet, wrapped in bright foil wrappers, even including the Oreo brand.
  • The two most popular alfajores in Argentina are Alfajores de Maizena and Alfajores de Chocolate (Marplatense alfajores). La Casa Alfajores bake these two varieties of Alfajores for you.
La Casa Alfajores Argentinian 1528